Seamless E-Commerce and Point of Sale

Duplicate your store on the web without duplicating the work!

Shipping Integrated

Create shipments with all major shipping carriers easily from within the system.

Going Green

Ability to email gift or sales receipts - never again have a lost receipt.


Built in dynamic templates that allow you to change look and feel easily.

Text Notifications

Know about any sale, adjustments, payments, returns etc., in a text message. Have visibility into the store when you are not there.

Latest in Payment Options

Integration with paypal (buy-it-now), Amazon Pay,, venmo, stripe, and many more to easily handle international payments.

Calendar and Tasks

Highlight store events and trunk shows online. Internally handle store tasks for what to pack/ship etc. and employee schedule.


Run Promotions, sales, offer targeted coupons, and configure exclusions if necessary.


Complete visability into your store, inventory, and web site. Grow your business with information.

Inventory Variations

Rose, yellow and white, 14k/18k (+$70) etc. - show it on one page to maximize conversions.


Monitize your social media efforts, manage inventory in one location.


Web chat - never miss a message from a potential customer.

Custom Sales/Jobs and Repairs

Easily handle service jobs, appraisals, and non inventory transactions.

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