Your physical store and ecommerce in one

Duplicate your store on the web without duplicating the work!

Easily build and run your ecommerce website using your store inventory. Everything you need to create a beautiful, fully-featured store.

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Inventory Management

Complete visibility into your physical inventory, tasks such as taking physical inventory has never been so easy


Visual Inventory Checklist

Parsing Product Details



Audit History

Wholesale Management Specifically for Jewelry Professionals

Invoice, Memo, Shipping Manifests and More - Simplified

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Customer Relationship Management Like Never Before

Simplified for the speed of today's business.

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House Accounts

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Important Dates

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Fix Duplicates

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Wish List
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Targeted Marketing, Communication and Reputation Management

Centeralized communication module which handles all store communication and email/text campaigns and activity. Keep track of all communication with customers in their profile.

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Back Office Management

Handles Comissions, pay, scheduling and automates and assigns tasks to keep on top of store duties.

Don't have professional photos? No problem, we'll handle that for you!

Putting your entire store online can seem like a daunting task. Our skilled team of jewelry photographers and SEO specialists can handle everything for you. Learn more here


Sell, Market, Manage - Consolidate

Flawless POS is a seemless, fully integrated, web-based toolset for unlocking your jewelry business' infinate potential.

Flawless POS Combines:

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