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Enterprise Software Professionals - Solving Jewelry's Biggest Challanges!

Our software started by trying to solve a problem we faced in 2014, when we as 2 enterprise software professionals with 15+ years each of experience ended up owning a retail jewelry store unexpectedly. We spent years turning paper processes into electronic ones for municipalites and fortune 500 companies. As our business grew, so did our needs, we needed an e-commerce site, we hired more, purchased a jewelry brand, needed to do more marketing. Wearing all the different hats became challanging and the thought of training someone new on multiple applications became daunting.

There just wasn't a single bullet application which solved our problems, our options seems to be: purchase Podium, Campaign Monitor, Edge and get Punchmark integration plus a few other applications. We needed to run our business more effectively with less people as staffing at a resort is also challanging with staff turnover. We needed training of new staff to be easy, we needed all of this functionality in one place and easy to learn. So we built it.

Our System handles:

  • Brick & mortar POS/Inventory management
  • A POS which is seamless with our e-commerce site
  • Inventory management which continually updates our social media shop to promote through Instagram
  • Incorporated shipping labels into our sales
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Centralized communication with customers via Fb Messenger, Chat, emails, texts etc
  • Organized direct target marketing of both our instore and online customers via email/text
  • Reputation management
  • Bridal - stone search and mountings offered together online
  • A platform for handling a jewelry brand and wholesale accounts.
  • All of this web based and fully responsive

Let us help you grow your buiness easier. We offer a full solution including affordable photography packages to replicate your efforts online. Schedule a Demo today, what are you waiting for?


Meet The Team

Meet our small team that make those great products

Cherish Nortje
Co-Founder & CEO
Gert Nortje
Co-Founder & CTO
Troy Perkens
Business Development Manager
Tristand Babka
Operations Á Support Manager
Dana Swing
Product Development Manager
Jose Ricardo
Client Onboarding Specialist

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