Customer Relationship Management Like Never Before

Simplified for the speed of today's business.

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Don’t over complicate your customer database. If you need a home phone, fax or finger size you can add it and it will be searchable.

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Automatic Payments - House Accounts

Configure automatic payments for house accounts that run through, amazon pay, or paypal. Store encrypted cc on file.

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Transaction History

Customer history maintained for in store and online interaction. Better utilize transaction history when doing targeted marketing.

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Customer Relationships

Maintain customer to customer relationships with relevant dates (birthday/anniversary) to notify both the customer and sales associate ahead of time.

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Important Dates

Customers’ can be automatically sent personalized messages from their sales associate to their preferred communication. Sales Associates can be notified prior to important dates as well.

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Integrated Communication

All text messages/emails/chat correspondance are stored in the customer profile. Ensure no communication gets lost ever again.

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Resolve Duplicates

Creating a customer during the checkout process is fast, handle possible duplicate entries at the end of the transaction vs. during the sale.

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Ability to configure a customer rewards program which customers can use to pay for product both in store and online.

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Wish List

Keep track of what they want - setup notifications with a link to your e-commerce site as a reminder or if the product goes on sale.

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